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  • What is MorphVOX Pro?

    MorphVOX Pro is an application from Screaming Bee that you can use to distort your voice. Create a wide range of weird and wonderful effects as you speak into your microphone and let the program distort your voice into something new.
  • Can MorphVOX Pro be used with games or chat programs?

    Yes: this is the main purpose of the application. While you are speaking to your friends online through a chat program or an online game, you can use MorphVOX to distort your voice. This can be particularly entertaining in games, where you can take on the voice of a character.
  • How can you stop MorphVOX Pro's playback sound from stuttering during gameplay?

    If the playback is stuttering, this is a sign that your machine is struggling to run both the game and MorphVOX. To help reduce the issue, lower the sound quality at the Sound Settings dialogue and click Compact View to reduce the size of the interface. Turning off the Listen button can also help.
  • How can you stop your voice from sounding mechanical or robotic?

    If your voice has picked p an unwanted "robotic" feel, this is likely due to the timbre being over-corrected. Try adjusting the settings by moving the Timbre slider to the left or lowering the Timbre Strength slider.
  • What is the best microphone to use with MorphVOX?

    As a general rule, the ideal microphone is one that comes attached to a headset, which allows comfort and usability while you are taking part in a game. There are multiple such microphones on the market, many of which will have their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Why does MorphVOX fail to play audio during speech?

    First, check that your microphone is connected, and that MorphVOX is set to use the right microphone. If the microphone is connected properly, then its levels may be too low. Head to Sound and Audio Devices from the Windows Start menu and examine the advanced properties of your microphone. Move the volume to the top, and this should solve the problem.
  • What is MorphVOX Junior?

    MorphVOX Junior is a free application geared towards younger users. It has fewer features MorphVOX Pro, but still comes with enough to provide entertainment for its target audience.
  • What are MorphVOX sound packs?

    Screaming Bee provides a number of voice packs for MorphVOX, each providing a set of new themed voices .These range from voices designed to evoke fantasy creatures, to special effects such as underwater voice.
  • Why does a helicopter-like noise sometimes occur during playback?

    If your audio playback has a repetitive static noise that sounds something like a helicopter's blades, ? this is a sign that your audio drivers are struggling with the lowest latency setting. Increase MorphVOX's Listen Delay (found under Sound Settings) by one notch and this should fix the problem.
  • What plugins are available for MorphVOX Pro?

    Plugins available for MorphVox are the Batch Converter Plugin, which allows multiple files to be morphed simultaneously; the Effects Rack Plugin, presenting a range of effects to use while altering your voice; and the Voice Splicer Plugin, which allows a single user to play multiple roles at once.


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